Union Island

Union Island

Things to do - general

Surrounded by beautiful white sand beaches, amazing natural landscape. Union Island is one of St Vincent’s Grenadines Island. Union Island is located 90 km SW of Barbados and is within views of Grenada and Carriacou, it is 3 miles long and 1 mile wide, ideally suited for scuba diving, exploring nature and relaxing in the sun. It is an essential stop for those who loves yachting, a fascinating place to visit with captivating beauty, picturesque beaches, friendly and happy people. A natural place where you can get away from everyday life.

The island is accessible either by boat or plane. Most major airlines fly to Barbados, St Lucia or Martinique where you can get a connecting flight with either Mustique Airways or SVG Air directly to Union Island, or by LIAT to St Vincent and then on to Union Island. No visa is required, just a valid passport and a return ticket. Getting there from St Vincent on the ferry is easy. There are a number of ferries like M V Barracuda, M V Gemstar and M V Jaden Inc that operates on a daily basis except on bank holidays. The journey takes about four hours and tickets can be purchased on board.

Union Island is now an oasis away from the hectic life styles. There is something for everyone to do here. There are a number of beautiful beaches where you can relax and unwind, like Chatman beach, situated on the west side of the island is the most popular and considered to be the most beautiful beach on the island, it can be reach by boat or steep trail and a favorite anchoring spot for yachters. Richmond Beach is another small yet beautiful shallow lagoon beach which is one of the local’s favorite hangout spot. Campbell beach is the most secluded and accessible beach on the island, it is great for snorkeling and has lots of shaded areas which is perfect for picnics. Bloody Bay, despite the name is another beauty, situated on the north shore is a tranquil beach, you will be able to see one or two turtles while snorkling. Kite beach is known as the best hangout spot on the island due to the fact that it has a beach bar and provides lots of activities such as kitesurfing. Big sand beach located on the north side of the island is very calm and great for families with kids.

Sports & Nature

Besides spending your time leisurely on the spectacular beaches, there are a number of different activities that you can do to occupy your time there, such as diving and snorkeling. Because the reefs are shallow, it is an ideal place for beginners. There are professional dive tour operators on the island that would be happy to take you on deeper dives if you require to enjoy the marine life, or if you are interesting in becoming a certified diver, tour operators are available to organize these amazing trips for you.

Union Island is very close to Tobago cays which has a marine park with stunningly blue waters and fill with various marine lives. There is a stand up paddle tour along the island that is offered by the Kitesurfing School and is quiet an interesting way to see the island. As small as the island is there are a number of long and short hike that you can do. The hiking trails are not marked so it is a good idea to either get a tour guide or purchase a map of the island that shows you the trails. Be sure to wear sun protection and walk with lots of water as it gets very hot.


The night life on Union Island is not huge but the atmosphere is really relaxing, just right for you to enjoy your meal listening to some Caribbean vibes in the background. There are a wide range of restaurant, bars and cafes on the island. Why not try the local cuisine which is widely range and usually includes an array of seafood that are caught every day by local fisherman on the Island. Or, if you prefer international cuisine there are a number of restaurant that could accommodate your needs.

Culture and History

Like the main Island St Vincent, the original settlers of Union Island were the Arawak’s and Caribs, who used the natural resources from the land and sea to survive. During the 1700’s the Europeans and British arrived bringing with them a large number of slaves from Africa to build their plantation which produce cotton. In the 1800’s slavery was abolish, forcing the British and Europeans to abandon their plantations and the slaves to provide for themselves who turn to the island natural resources such as fishing and farming.

There are also a number of cultural events that take place throughout the year like Easterval, Maroon Festival and Carnival. Whether you are visiting for work or pleasure we are sure that your stay on Union Island would be an unforgettable experience filled with lovely memories

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No Visa Requirement

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The Islander's Inn

The Islander's Inn

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